Selasa, 01 Juli 2014

android superuser apk download

Downloading and installing Super User app ( .zip ) !

  • Download zip file.
  • Put it in sd card.
  • Boot into CWM. Recovery.
  • select install Zip File from sd card.
  • toggle Script Assets = ENABLED.
  • select The zip file.
  • Reboot. android superuser apk download

Download SuperUser / SuperSU

  • How To UseSuperUser for Android
  • Download superuser app and Install to the your android device
  • Reboot your android device --> start the superSU app
    it will say outdated binary,click on continue,.
  • It will automatically update the su binary by itself.Then SuperSu will gain root Access.
  • You Can also update The Su Binary Through SU must have Rooted Android device. dinally you can see the superuser app.
  • Download Super User

Review for SuperUser v3.1.3 - Best Root Application.